I favored Nushell. I was using it for a few months, until I decided to switch back to good old ZSH. Why I did that is a separate story. However, I couldn’t get the idea of having quarriable outputs from CLI applications, off my mind. Look at this:Screenshot showing using the ls command

This is natural. However, it’s let’s say… difficult to have it in any other shell, with all the CLI applications out there.

Taking Nushell’s approach, you need to re-write all the applications out there to make sure it’s quarriable with this syntax. And then it’s difficult to keep it backward compatible (which caused me to say goodbye to Nushell).

What’s the problem?

Most of the CLI tools, output pure text, regardless of the context they are invoked in. The closest thing I can remember top of my head, is `aws-cli` where, you can define the output type to text or JSON using an argument, environment variable or configuration.


I found this essay by Nicola Ballotta quite interesting. A retrospective of his 25 years professional life, and how he could improve it, if he was set to start it today. There are many similar articles out there, though the main appealing aspect of this one to me, is that I can relate to it quite easily. Apart from the main goal of the article, I started to think about career growth in general. Given my current position at work, I find myself mentoring my colleagues quite often. Career growth I assume is also quite a norm in professional world. Everyone wants to grow and attract a better position and salary.

However, I don’t think “want” always translates to “happens”. I’m not even sure if “everyone” knows what it takes to realize that goal. The social norm seems to be like, you enter your career, and the growth happens naturally if you are part of the machine. And “the machine” could be your company, your industry, or the whole economy.

xkcd: Career


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